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"Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star our Father Red Hand" An Elder Lavender Person, offers you blessings and overflowing Love in your time of need Rainbow Clan. It is time Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy to Come Home! May Your Spirit Fly! (aho)

Sing unto God, sing praises to His name, extol Him that rideth upon the clouds (dragons often signifying the Aqua of the Rainbow Clan, who represents the union of the perfect body, where the veil of not knowing is lifted.-the body of colors and the tools of light are used to become perfection),

by His name Jah (Great Spirit Father)(Ps. 68:4);

to ride upon the clouds denotes the understanding of the Word as to its interiors (within)

or in its internal sense (a joy light from within).

A cloud (water bearer that cleanses and purifies)

is the Word in the letter (colors, tools of light and law of morality)

in which is the internal sense (within).

In the same:--Jehovah bowed (half circle, a rainbow clan) the heavens, and came down (descended with love)

and thick darkness (dreaming awake or asleep)

was under His feet (action, motion);

and He rode upon a cherub (Perfect soul warrior, the Indigo) (Ps. 18:9, 10);

thick darkness (darkness inside the clan both pure and impure dreamspace, strength lightning heart)

Samantha (Sammi) Swimming Ice

here denotes clouds (dragon-tools of light);

to ride (perfect crystal body)

upon a cherub (perfect indigo soul)

represents the Lord's providence lest man should of himself enter into the mysteries of faith (vision quest)

which are in the Word (law of God, utterance of heavenly transmission, each have a right, it's the law of love in the physical world, allowing).

"At the base of our Torah and our Jewish psyche lies an incessant urgency. Not just a sense that things are not the way they should be, by a relentless yearning that things should heal this very moment." Lubavitcher Rebbe

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Love, Patience, Forgiveness, and Respect. That's Togetherness!

Hello Relatives, this is Holiness David,

In our ministries (we are ordained clergy, ya know), we teach largely about love and forgiveness. Recently, we met with an Episcopalian priest regarding housing for a homeless girl. He asked what we emphasize most in our teaching: I answered Love and Forgiveness. I hope what is said here in this post will sink in.

I keep hearing from my wife, White Buffalo Calf Woman, that you all are acting like children, entering shame, cowering away from being told things you don't like hearing. She just doesn't like you going there.  She thinks of each of you as perfect. But you keep thinking of yourself as imperfect. You are made perfect in God's image.

We had two people stay with us for a couple of weeks. One guy Andree, abused our hospitality.  His dog, went to the bathroom in the camper. He covered it up and even after being challenged about it, he didn't stop and clean it up. Instead, he ignored it.  The next day my wife stepped  right into it which ruined a pair of good shoes that he never offered to replace. She told him that they could clean up the mess up together. My wife is a softie (child's heart).  She was going to help clean it up!  He didn't spring into action and do the job. He got emotionally violent and said, "I don't need a Mother," when he really needed someone to care about him.

People, are you going to stand there and tell him how great he and his dog is? Are you going just sweep it under the rug and say nice things, instead of the truth? I stood by and watched as he got his stuff out of our camper, giving me flack too. I was astonished as to how much he and his dog had trashed our camper in a 1½ week period of time. He never did offer to clean up after his pet and he continued to just blamed us for his troubles. We gave him a roof over his head (out of the rain), love, encouragement, food, and, in the proper places, constructive criticism.

The other guy Vincent, was with us for a week. He couldn't remove his shoes when he came in and he just couldn't fold his blanket each morning. He stunk and we told him to get a bath and where to get it, within walking distance. He lied about everything. What are you going to do, "tell him that he has nice hair?" I encouraged his self-esteem every time he spoke poorly of himself; drove him around (within reason), yet he wasn't able or willing to do things for himself or care for others.

Here's the point: It is good medicine to tell people good things, to build up their feelings about themselves; but it is also wrong to allow them to get away with things just because they are different or are socially challenged. I could write pages of good examples that we have learned by being on the streets for the last five years as Missionaries helping the poor and the rich. We always try to assist and encourage people.

You should never stop trying to help a person just because you don't think they can handle criticism about their shortcomings.  Maybe they need a change of diet, when in poor health, that no one was able to share with them before.  Or, you'd rather talk about their pretty blue eyes while you look at your feet or hold your nose, when they stink. We are adults and we are supposed to help one another. That means positive reinforcement, to their well being and to care enough to show tough love.

We are supposed to love one another.  That's part of brotherhood and brotherhood is doing what God want us to do.  This is path into the Heavenly Kingdom. Try to love everyone and everything for a day; then try it for a week. You'll do less grumbling. Please, put your self in another persons shoes; try to understand the bug, plant and animal world. We are all interdependent.

Are you whining about something? Most of us do. Why? Stop and think, about what it is, that is causing you emotional or physical pain. Are you complaining because you are in doubt about something? Don't doubt doubt; instead find out about what you are doubting. Seek your answer.

We are supposed forgive one another. In the Lord's Prayer, it says to "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us." Ever try that? It is amazing when you think about how many times in a day that forgiveness comes into play. We have a lot of hang-ups because we think we need change for others, but the other, may need to forgive us instead.  Stand up for what is right.  We all need to forgive one another. Read that last sentence over and over, every day for the rest of your lives.  We all need to forgive one another. Think about it.  Spend time and reflect. White Buffalo Calf Woman says, "You've got to put fire to it, for true forgiveness!"

How many of you don't forgive? Or don't realize that there is something that you are supposed to forgive because you haven't given it a thought? When you go to a psychologist, they try to find out about what happened in your past; the things that you didn't forgive or let go of. Being scolded is no reason to feel shame, instead try to do it better next time.  Be responsible for your space.  Forgive those, who thought shame could control you.  Use love instead. Forgiveness pops up all day, every day.

The Bible, the Quran and the Torah, all state that the Father in Heaven is forgiving and patient. If we work at trying to follow God's Laws, He will be proud of us. People put themselves down. We all do it! But we are made in God's image. Try to remember that.  My wife (White Buffalo Calf Woman) tells us over and over again, that we are perfect.

We are supposed to follow God's laws. And there are many, including not eating pork or shell fish? The list goes on and on. Have you looked recently. Do you know what God's laws are? It's written in all the Holy Books.

I love you all. Please try to love one another. Practice love, patience and understanding. My wife loves you too; but she is not a babysitter, even though she is your Twin Deer Mother. Respect her. Read and think about what she states, because she just tries to bring the best out of you.

What does a Mother do (Twin Deer Mother), but seem to chase you around when you are going the wrong way, and look out for you when you are in trouble.  In return, show respect to your elders, by calling them by their names.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, Andrew tells us in his book, "I am Sharing".  We are here to guide you and assist your journey homeward.

My wife, keep telling you what to do, but you don't comprehend it. She repeatedly tells you, but you just don't do it. It is clearly stated and we work very hard to make things clear to you, and we expect you to ask questions, if you don't understand. Certainly not enter shame.  Sounds like you need to forgive those who did not know the path of love.  Stand your ground and be your perfection.  Love thyself, in order for you to love thy brother and sister and honor thy mother and thy father, your biological and spiritual parents.

One of our biggest complaints, is that people don't read and apply what is written on our blogs and domains.  White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother puts specific instructions on our websites and emails and nobody seems to comprehend the answers to the questions.  Why?  I cannot believe it, aren't you listening: you my children cannot read and then do.  It's like something is missing in your brains. Forgiveness will get you over the hill. So, help us out here and take the time to read and apply what we have to say to you. Thank you.

Holiness David (Running Eagle Shooting Star), your Father Red Hand

p.s. If you think my wife is difficult, just think about what she is trying to convey when she says something you don't like. Really, really think about it. She loves you and want's to guide you into paradise, the light from within.

Warriors of the Earth  

Shines like a bell that rings us free.  There is a place in the galaxy, where stars are born to illuminate and lead.  Let us go to heaven where all does bleed (the Red Road), for law of love, comes once in our hearts, now is the time, to live and start.  Give all you have to wisdom's call.  Wake up to the Song, before you fall.  And we will be waiting, for you this day, when you cross over, to play. I am your Father, Red Hand knows (Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star) the way, that love springs eternal and always grows.  Just watch out for others along the way, and you will be gifted the highest praise!

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